Premium whiteboard PET film. Easy wipe off when using aqueous markers & great for internal sales and office applications/presentations.

Kernowjet Klearwipe Dry Erase Clear Polyester Overlaminate Film 75 microns
KlearWipe is a long term high quality dry erase lamination film. It offers extremely high scratch resistance, zero ghosting and can be laminated onto UV-cured inks without silvering. It is the perfect choice for Schools, Universities, health facilities, Office Spaces, Restaurants and customer service centers. The multi functional hard coat surface allows removal of permanent markers with isopropyl alcohol with out damaging the film.
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[{"colour":"","code":"KJKW1372","size":"1372mm x 1m","price":38,"pid":2713255,"style":"KERNOWJET KLEARWIPE","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/603925/pid2712942/SPECIALITY-LAMS.jpg","title":"KERNOWJET KLEARWIPE 1372MM X PER METER"},{"colour":"","code":"KJKW1524","size":"1524mm x 1m","price":42,"pid":2713256,"style":"KERNOWJET KLEARWIPE","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/603925/pid2712942/SPECIALITY-LAMS.jpg","title":"KERNOWJET KLEARWIPE 1524MM X PER METER"},{"colour":"","code":"AAG201370MT","size":"1372mm x 1m","price":18,"pid":3647642,"style":"ULTRACLEAR WHITEBOARD PET","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/603925/pid2712942/SPECIALITY-LAMS.jpg","title":"ALC WHITEBOARD ULTRA CLEAR PET LAMINATE 1370MM X PER METER"}]
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Overlaminate products provide protection for a variety of printed graphics. At CGS, we keep a range of overlaminate films in stock at all times, from premium and intermediate solutions to specialised products for commercial spaces.


Our products are available in various sizes and finishes, including clear gloss and clear matte. Also known as overlaminate vinyl, these protective films work great for a wide array of applications. At CGS, we supply high-quality overlaminate products to protect messaging and maximise visibility.


Benefits of overlaminate film


Regardless of the application, overlaminate film offers a range of practical and aesthetic advantages. We have overlaminates with UV stability, which helps to keep your image vibrant season after season. Overlaminate films provide resistance against abrasion, humidity, UV, and solvents. At CGS, our stable overlaminates help to preserve and protect your valuable prints. 


Along with extending the life of graphics, this protective product can also be used to alter appearance. There are various options available, with common effects including gloss, matte, or textured finishes. Polymeric calendered overlaminate allows for thicker and more vibrant graphics, and it's also easier to apply and remove when required. At CGS, our high-performance overlaminates provide excellent visibility.


The CGS team will help you select the right overlaminate for your project and environment. For example, you may require products with multidirectional stretch, or you may need to choose between cast and non-cast overlaminate to reduce shrinkage and edge curl in specific environments. Whatever the surface or location, we can help you find the perfect product for your intended application.


Advanced materials and reliable service


At CGS, we offer a wide range of quality overlaminate solutions. We support Queensland businesses with advanced products for aqueous, solvent, latex, and UV curable ink technologies. With more than 80 years of combined industry experience, we are a recognised and trusted digital and display solutions supplier.


We combine technical expertise with industry experience to drive your business forward. Along with graphic supplies in Brisbane, we deliver professional consultation as an extension of your company. 


If you're looking for overlaminate or other print and signage solutions, please make an order or contact the team at Creative Graphic Supplies.


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