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The final quality of vinyl transfers depends heavily on their application. Whether you're carrying out an interior or exterior installation, access to the right products is essential. At Creative Graphic Supplies, we stock high-quality print media and sign materials from the best brands in the business, including R-Tape.

    Application tape also known as transfer tape or pre mask, is a paper or plastic film that's used to transfer cut vinyl graphics and printed films from their release liners to the substrate or the surface onto which the sticker is being placed, like a window, sign, etc
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R-Tape is a leading supplier of paper application tapes to help you tackle any project. With R-Tape products by your side, your graphics will be clean, neat and free from defects. You can avoid many common problems with quality tape, including tunnels, wrinkles and edge curls. R-Tape products feature Release Liner Adhesion (RLA) technology for quality results every time.

The specialised R-Tape Paper Application Tape is coated with a rubber adhesive that provides a slightly stronger grip, which makes it ideal for handling small-sized cut graphics and difficult-to-lift vinyl. Even when rolled, your graphics will remain clean and well-organised, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application process.

Benefits of R-Tape Paper Application Tape include:

  • Clean and precise application
  • Advanced adhesion technology
  • All tack levels offered
  • Clear film available

For R-Tape products and more, you can rely on Creative Graphic Supplies.

Who is R-Tape?

R-Tape is widely recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of application tape and premasks. Founded in 1980 as a Nekoosa Coated Products brand, R-Tape produces many outstanding products for the sign, screen printing and digital printing markets. Backed by experience and driven forward with innovation, R-Tape is the trusted choice for creative industry professionals.

Benefits of Creative Graphic Supplies

At Creative Graphic Supplies, we specialise in high-quality print media and sign materials. From small personal projects to large commercial installations, our products are ideal for a wide array of creative applications. We provide a variety of digital, display and graphic supplies, and we ship products daily so you can keep working with confidence.

If you're looking for R-Tape products or other creative supplies, please contact our customer support team or make an order today.

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