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Based in Singapore, Almaxco is a company specialising in aluminium composite panel sheets since 1997. The company is committed to producing the highest quality goods in an environmentally responsible manner to fulfil the evolving needs of the global construction, signage and sublimation sectors. They provide state-of-the-art sheets and stick to stringent quality assurance measures throughout the manufacturing process.

    Almaxco aluminium composite panels are extremely flat, lightweight and rigid.Standard Sheet size of 1220mm x 2440 available in all finishes. Oversize 1500mm x 3050mm available in Lt Grey Primer/Lt Grey Primer and White Gloss/Black Gloss
    AU$ 66.00 - 136.00
    In Stock
    Almaxco ACP digital printing sheets are extremly flat, lightweight and rigid with excellent ink anchorage properties.
    AU$ 75.00 - 79.00
    In Stock
    Almaxco Sublimax Digital printing
    Panel Sheets are extremely flat,
    lightweight and rigid.
    They offer excellent surface tension
    required for optimal ink absorption to
    achieve the best digital printing
    AU$ 193.00
    In Stock

At Creative Graphic Supplies, our Almaxco products include a vast array of aluminium composite panels, including:

  • 3mm Aluminium Composite Panels

These are suited for cladding, signage and various custom uses. They are fire-resistant, non-combustible and are available in all finishes.

  • Aluminium Composite Panels for UV printing

Almaxco ACP digital printing sheets are a premium choice for those seeking high-quality and durable printing materials. The sheets are known for their exceptional flatness, light weight and rigidity — making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including building facades, interior designs and advertising displays.

What sets Almaxco ACP digital printing sheets apart is their superior ink anchorage properties, which ensure that the printed image remains vibrant and sharp for longer periods. This is achieved through a unique coating process that enhances the adhesion of ink to the sheet's surface, resulting in brilliant and long-lasting colours.

  • Almaxco Sublimax

The Sublimax line is made of a lightweight and eco-friendly coated aluminium base that allows high-definition graphics on your signage. Their surface tension is exceptional, allowing for the optimal absorption of ink and resulting in digital prints of the highest quality.

Creative Graphic Supplies is one of the most reliable suppliers of Almaxco in Australia. Order your Almaxco products from us at unbeatable prices.

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