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Start bringing your creative vision to life with high-quality printing supplies. At Creative Graphic Supplies, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with top-of-the-line Koala products that will help them create stunning prints and graphics. We provide sublimation papers that can bring your creative vision to life.

Koala manufactures sublimation printing products, including sublimation paper rolls and sheet packs in A3 and A4 sizes. Whether you’re a professional graphic artist or a hobbyist, we have the supplies you need to create stunning sublimation prints.

    120 GSM instant dry paper designed for dye sublimation machines and offers excellent colour reproduction.
    AU$ 39.00 - 236.00
    In Stock
    - Extremely fast drying
    - Excellent line sharpness
    - Exceptional quality consistency
    - Outstanding lay-flat performance
    - Superb and quick transfer properties
    - Suitable for soft and hard surfaces
    AU$ 28.00 - 56.00
    In Stock

Top-quality Koala products for your printing needs

What sets Koala apart from the competition? Their vast selection of products at competitive prices specifically designed for the printing industry. Established in 2002, Koala is a high-tech company specialising in creating and distributing digital printing media.

In particular, Koala specialises in developing, producing and marketing sublimation paper. They installed several automatic assembly lines and established product formulations, cutting-edge testing facilities, qualified technicians and a capable management group to cater to any unique consumer demand.

Explore Koala products at Creative Graphic Supplies

We have the Koala supplies you need to produce high-quality prints, whether you need a dye sublimation roll or sublimation paper sheet packs. If you need any help, Creative Graphic Supplies is always happy to provide advice and support to help you choose the right products for your project.

All transactions are processed within one business day. Meanwhile, local deliveries take two days and international deliveries take a week. We also offer 24-hour pickup and secure pickup with a stock locker. Contact Creative Graphic Supplies today or shop our selection of products from Koala!

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