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CGS rage of tapes including application tapes for sign vinyl and heat transfer products. Masking tape and range of Admiral double sided tapes made in the UK.

Looking for a seamless and borderless application to install graphics and signage to your walls, benchtops and other materials? Creative Graphic Supplies offers a comprehensive collection of application tape to affix your logo and visual materials to your space for a contemporary and high-impact look.

    Application tape also known as transfer tape or pre mask, is a paper or plastic film that's used to transfer cut vinyl graphics and printed films from their release liners to the substrate or the surface onto which the sticker is being placed, like a window, sign, etc
    AU$ 86.00 - 298.90
    In Stock
    Admiral professional series tapes manufactured in the UK.
    AU$ 27.00 - 1,006.00
    In Stock
    Heat Resistant Tape For Dye Sublimation. Working temp up to 280 Degrees C
    AU$ 5.50
    In Stock
    Auto grade masking tape, high temperature resistance and leaves little to no residue behind.
    AU$ 2.70 - 3.60
    In Stock

Create professional displays with Creative Graphic Supplies’ range of application tape

We stock a range of vinyl transfer paper in various shapes and sizes with exceptional adhesion and transparency so you can achieve precise results and lend your surfaces an enduring and professional display. Within our range, you’ll find a number of different options to help you achieve the design you want — they include:

  • Edge-IT — For large installations and graphics boards, Edge-IT adds a smooth and professional finish to raw borders.
  • Transfer tape — Available as a long roll, our application tape allows you to apply graphics, images and other 2D media to walls, benchtops and other surfaces.
  • Double-sided foam tape — Need to install a temporary display without damaging your walls? Our double-sided foam tape will adhere your material to a range of surfaces while protecting them from scratches.
  • Kwik fix discs — Available as a pack of 12, our Kwik fix discs allow you to attach signage and messageboards to poles and posts easily.

Need your logo or graphics to stand out? Vinyl transfer paper is your best solution to create a vibrant and seamless display on your walls and surfaces. With a superb range of premium products, Creative Graphic Supplies is the best place for wall and surface treatments. To get more eyes on your products, sign up with a new account and contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.


What is transfer tape used for?

Transfer tape or vinyl transfer paper is adhesive sheets that can be placed over a sticker or piece of media allowing you to easily install it on surfaces such as glass, timber or plastics. With a PVC construction, application tape is resistant to the sun’s rays and water, which makes it an excellent option for indoor and outdoor applications.

Is application tape the same as transfer tape?

Yes, application tape is the same as transfer tape.

What types of transfer tape are there?

Transfer tape can be made from materials such as paper, foam and plastic. They can come in varying sizes as circular discs, single and double-sided, pre-cut sheets of film or as a bulk roll that needs to be cut to size.

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