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Are you looking for a product to help you with your printing needs? Do you need high-quality dry erase lamination film for your projects? Kernow Coatings makes lamination films called KlearWipe that meet international safety standards, so if you're looking to do business with a company that knows how to make quality products, opt for Kernow Coatings products!

Creative Graphics Supplies house Kernow Coatings products like the KlearWipe for a long-term, high-quality dry-erase and durable lamination film that can be used in schools and offices.

    Premium whiteboard PET film. Easy wipe off when using aqueous markers & great for internal sales and office applications/presentations.

    Kernowjet Klearwipe Dry Erase Clear Polyester Overlaminate Film 75 microns
    KlearWipe is a long term high quality dry erase lamination film. It offers extremely high scratch resistance, zero ghosting and can be laminated onto UV-cured inks without silvering. It is the perfect choice for Schools, Universities, health facilities, Office Spaces, Restaurants and customer service centers. The multi functional hard coat surface allows removal of permanent markers with isopropyl alcohol with out damaging the film.
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Kernow Coatings and its mission to produce the best materials

Kernow Coatings has a long history of being valuing quality, accuracy and innovation. It is not just their purpose but also their heritage to produce the greatest materials on the planet.

All of their products go through stringent testing, quality checks and certifications as part of their commitment to fulfilling the requirements of today's printing applications. Through research and development teams, the company collaborates closely with their partners to guarantee that all goods meet regulatory standards for safety and quality while continuing to be highly innovative.

Explore Kernow Coatings products in Creative Graphic Supplies

At Creative Graphic Supplies, our experts are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for your graphic supply needs. If you need a durable finish for a commercial project, our Kernow Coatings lamination film can help you create a great output.

We are committed to using only the highest-quality materials in our printing solutions, ensuring that our products are durable and long-lasting. Since we supply Kernow Coatings, you can rest assured that you’ll get premium lamination film. All purchases are handled within one business day of payment clearing, while local deliveries are shipped immediately. For interstate deliveries, it may take two days, while overseas orders may take one to three weeks. We also offer 24-hour pickup and secure pickup with a stock locker. Contact us today and shop our range of Kernow Coating products.

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