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Magnets have many creative applications. From commercial printing and graphic design to signage and manufacturing, printable magnetic rolls and sheeting products are used by numerous industry sectors. At Creative Graphic Supplies, we stock quality magnetic products from Magnum Magnetics, the recognised industry leader in flexible magnetic materials.


    EcoMag is our most popular magnetic sheeting for Eco Solvent, Latex and  UV curable printing. This versatile magnetic substrate allows you to print directly to magnet without the need to over-laminate. The material can be cut to any shape with cutters, plotters, or even a pair of scissors. Ideal for temporary signage, graphics, in-store and POP displays, outdoor signage, vehicle magnets / car signs, promotional magnets, and more.

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Magnum Magnetics produces a wide range of quality products, but they're best known for their flexible or 'rubber' magnet sheeting called DigiMag. This product is widely used in commercial printing, wide-format graphics and signage, engineering and manufacturing and retail craft and office products.

DigiMag is the most sought-after magnetic sheeting in our product line, as it accommodates solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inkjet printing techniques with ease. This multifaceted magnetic substrate eliminates the need for an over-laminate, allowing you to print directly on the magnet. Moreover, it's highly flexible and can be conveniently shaped into any form using cutters, plotters or scissors.

Magnum Magnetics’ DigiMag is ideal for:

  • Refrigerator and advertising magnets
  • Engineering and OEM applications
  • Retail cards, buttons and photo paper
  • Wide-format signs and graphics

For high-quality Magnum Magnetics products at a great price point, you can rely on Creative Graphic Supplies.

Introducing Magnum Magnetics

Magnum Magnetics is the largest flexible magnet manufacturer in the United States. The company specialises in flexible magnets used for various creative applications. Their expert team invests heavily in product development and quality control to satisfy the needs of diverse industry sectors.

The Creative Graphic Supplies advantage

At Creative Graphic Supplies, we deliver high-quality print media and sign materials. We keep a wide range of items in stock, with our product line designed to satisfy both creative and commercial applications. We provide digital, display and graphic supplies and our materials are ready for aqueous, solvent, latex and UV-curable ink technologies. Along with selling products, we can help you find the ideal solution for your next project.

If you're looking for Magnum Magnetics products and other creative supplies, please make an order or contact our team today.

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