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There are lots of ways to spread the word, with large banners often used as high-impact advertising and promotional tools. At CGS, we supply a number of high-quality banner solutions, including mesh banners and vinyl banners in various sizes and configurations. We combine outstanding products with low prices and expert advice, as our team is committed to helping you choose the right items for your intended application. At CGS, we provide high-quality mesh and vinyl materials to bring your banners to life.

Put your business on the map and take advantage of our vinyl banners in Brisbane and Australia to broadcast your pitch and keep your audience’s eyes on your message. Whether you’re looking to increase your exposure or make an offer to convert sales, we can provide you with PVC banners that deliver an exceptional advertising tool to broadcast your products and services.

    440gsm - 1000x1000 denier - 9x9 yarn. Gloss white laminated PVC banner vinyl with a grey back. It's ideal for outdoor applications including sail track building signage, hoardings and general rope and eyelet banners. It has excellent tear resistance and welding attributes and is compatible with Solvent, UV and Latex inks.
    AU$ 209.00 - 489.00
    In Stock
    440gsm - 250x500 denier - 8x12 yarn. High gloss white laminated PVC banner vinyl with a black back for block out properties. It's super high glossy attributes are designed to add extra pop and vibrancy to realestate signs, internal banners and external signs on structures. It has excellent welding attributes and is compatible with Solvent, UV and Latex inks.
    AU$ 166.00
    In Stock
    510gsm - 1000x1000 denier - 18x18 yarn. Matt spread coated pvc banner vinyl with a grey back. It's ideal for most high quality banner applications including close view internal and external banners, roll up and display systems, as well as long term external banners where maximum durability is required. Designed specifically for latex printer technology but is also compatible with solvent and uv curable ink sets.
    AU$ 327.00 - 595.00
    In Stock
    610gsm - 1000x1000 denier - 9x9 yarn. Matt white PVC double sided banner designed for external applications such as light pole and hanging banners etc. With excellent printability and minimal colour shift on each side this banner is a great choice where durability is required. Suitable for solvent, latex and uv curable inks.
    AU$ 332.00 - 775.00
    In Stock
    Strong and flexible banner edging tape. Excellent resistance to UV light, chemicals and external weather conditions.Polyester weave and plastic carrier offers incredible strength. Reinforced carrier provides exceptional strength. Designed for long-term outdoor use.Can be used on PVC and MESH banner material.Roll the banner with the print on the outside for minimal fluting.
    AU$ 50.00
    AU$ 45.00
    In Stock

Bring your customers to your business with the best vinyl banners in Brisbane

With a crisp print quality to make your business immediately recognisable to your audience, you can print your a banner in a range of sizes and finishes optimised to fit your location and advertising method. From outside your place of business or integrated into street furniture, tell the perfect product stories with our range of PVC banner material including:

  • Supaflex gloss front lit and backlit banner
  • Supaflex premium double-sided block-out banner
  • Supaflex Scrimless Banner

Make a connection with PVC banners from Creative Graphic Supplies today

Extend your reach and access new customers with simple and effective vinyl banners. At Creative Graphic Supplies, we take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise to create advertising and marketing materials that will showcase your business. To get more eyes on your products, sign up with a new account and contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.


What is the difference between PVC and vinyl banners?

Outside of the name, there is no difference between PVC and vinyl banners — they are made of the same material — polyvinyl chloride.

Do you also offer banner stands?

Yes. Our stands will erect your PVC banners to keep them taut and clear to maintain a professional display that is easily readable by your target audience.

Can vinyl banners get wet?

PVC banners enjoy a high level of resilience against the elements. With a durable, water and sun-resistant construction, you can confidently market your business in all weather conditions throughout the year.

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