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As a top brand of PVC flex products, Starflex has been supplying its high-quality products to customers worldwide since 1985. Their products are popular components in the signage industry for digital printing, billboards, light boxes, building murals and screen printing.

    440gsm - 1000x1000 denier - 9x9 yarn. Gloss white laminated PVC banner vinyl with a grey back. It's ideal for outdoor applications including sail track building signage, hoardings and general rope and eyelet banners. It has excellent tear resistance and welding attributes and is compatible with Solvent, UV and Latex inks.
    AU$ 209.00 - 489.00
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    440gsm - 250x500 denier - 8x12 yarn. High gloss white laminated PVC banner vinyl with a black back for block out properties. It's super high glossy attributes are designed to add extra pop and vibrancy to realestate signs, internal banners and external signs on structures. It has excellent welding attributes and is compatible with Solvent, UV and Latex inks.
    AU$ 166.00
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    510gsm - 1000x1000 denier - 18x18 yarn. Matt spread coated pvc banner vinyl with a grey back. It's ideal for most high quality banner applications including close view internal and external banners, roll up and display systems, as well as long term external banners where maximum durability is required. Designed specifically for latex printer technology but is also compatible with solvent and uv curable ink sets.
    AU$ 327.00 - 595.00
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  • 180 Micron Matt backlit film for Latex and UV printing technologies.
    AU$ 0.00 - 344.40
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    Out Of Stock

    Monomeric Promotional grade self adhesive vinyl films. Solvent, Latex and Uv ink compatable.

    • CG Digital Ecosav       -  95 Micron - UP TO 1 Year outdoor life.
    • CG Digital Ecosav-R   -  95 Micron - UP TO 1 Year outdoor life (Removable Adhesive).
    • CG Digital Frogdot       - 120 Micron - UP TO 1 Year outdoor life.
    • Metamark MDL           - 100 Micron - UP TO 3 Years outdoor life.
    • CG Digital Proclear     - 100 Micron - UP TO 1 Year outdoor life.
    • CG Digital Prosav       - 100 Micron - UP TO 2 Years outdoor life.
    • CG Digital Protack      -   90 Micron - UP TO 2 Years outdoor life.
    • Starflex Digisav           - 100 Micron - UP TO 2 Years outdoor life.
    AU$ 176.00 - 444.00
    In Stock

Starflex has renovated its manufacturing facilities to increase efficiency with a strong focus on enhancing manufacturing capacity, maintaining competitive pricing, serving existing business partners and pursuing growth opportunities in new areas. 

They provide purpose-designed products with comprehensive after-sales service programs, technical support and transport and logistics capability to customers in various regions globally. Starflex products are produced with complete quality control, adopting advanced global technology in all its operations.

At Creative Graphic Supplies, we carry Starflex vinyl products and other Starflex products to suit your needs:

  • Banners

For outdoor applications like sail track building, signage, hoardings and rope and eyelet banners, the Gloss Grey Back SL440 Banner in 440 gsm from Starflex is the ideal choice. Its tear resistance and welding properties are excellent, and it is compatible with solvent, UV and latex inks.

  • Self-adhesive vinyl

Starflex vinyl products like the Monomeric Promotional grade self-adhesive vinyl is solvent, latex and UV ink compatible. This Starflex vinyl product is typically used for commercial signage, POS displays and consumer products. 

Why Creative Graphic Supplies is a preferred choice

At Creative Graphic Supplies, we understand the importance of paper products and other creative supplies that can meet the demands of both commercial and creative applications. This is why we offer an extensive range of solutions, including high-quality print media and sign materials and banner solutions in various sizes and configurations.

With over 80 years of combined industry experience, Creative Graphic Supplies is the region's trusted provider of digital, display and graphic supplies. We stock various high-quality mesh and Starflex vinyl materials to give your banners a vibrant appearance. Whether you require self-adhesive vinyl for small or large applications, we got you covered.

Browse Starflex vinyl and other banner products available at Creative Graphic Supplies today.

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