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Heat transfer vinyl has many applications, with this versatile material widely used for fabrics and soft surfaces. At CGS, we stock a number of high-quality vinyl supplies, including printable heat transfer vinyl products. We have vinyl heat transfer items in various sizes and options, including products designed especially for polyester fabrics. Our products are compatible with solvent, latex, and UV curable ink sets, and we also have high-quality heat transfer application tape. So, if you're looking for printable heat transfer vinyl in Australia, you've come to the right place.
    Heat Transfer application tape that can re used upto 4 times
    AU$ 188.00
    In Stock
    PU heat seal material on a polyester backing with a satin finish. It is designed for polyester fabrics which have been printed with dye sublimation inks. Compatible with Solvent, Latex and UV Curable ink sets. Available is standard film and full block out.
    AU$ 451.00 - 719.00
    In Stock

Heat transfer vinyl — benefits and applications

Heat transfer vinyl is known by many names, including heat transfer vinyl film, heat transfer vinyl roll, or simply HTV. This product uses heat, requires special equipment, and has many applications. HTV consists of special heated glue, with the bonding process not activated until an iron or heat press has been applied. Once the material has been heated, the vinyl material bonds to the fabric or garment.

As mentioned, HTV requires specialised equipment, including a heat press and vinyl cutter. A range of cutters is available to help create designs and bond materials during the heating process. HTV supplies are available in various unique colours and designs, making them great for fabrics, creative projects, and general experimentation. Unlike adhesive vinyl, HTV is ideal for clothing items and widely used in the fashion industry. For HTV vinyl in Australia and so much more, we are here to help. 

The Creative Graphic Supplies advantage

If you're looking for heat transfer vinyl suppliers in Australia, your search is over. We have a variety of vinyl products to choose from, along with other options in print media and signage. We specialise in large format materials, but our products are also used for wide-ranging commercial and creative projects. When it comes to heat transfer vinyl and other types of print media, our quality products and accessories make a world of difference.

At CGS, we don't just sell products; we find solutions that work. Friendly customer service is central to our business, and our team is dedicated to helping you find the right products and materials for your intended application.

If you need printable HTV vinyl in Australia, please review our website for prices and detailed product information. Please make an order or contact Creative Graphic Supplies today.

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